which online casino is legit

Which Online Casino is Legit?

With the internet flooding with hundred thousand online casinos, both new users and professional players may find it an uphill task differentiating real casinos from scams. There are lots of pointers that you can use to determine if a casino is legit. Scam casino sites are known to rip millions of players on the internet every single year. In this regard, http://www.new-zealand-online-casino.com explores the different methods one would apply if they found themselves at such crossroads.

Confirm the Domain Name

Many fake online casino platforms use fake names that are closely similar to those of a legit site. For instance, if there a legit online gaming casino going by the domain name - www.newzealandcasino.com, the fake site may have a domain name that reads - www.newzealand-casino.com. By changing a letter, or even a number such fake casinos end up scamming thousands of players before they are unearthed. Some may indeed add a simple hyphen between words in the domain name.

It is, therefore, a good idea to always double-check the name of the casino before registering or even making up your mind to deposit funds in an account with them. Notably, fake websites come with very impressive casino interfaces, making them look more legit indeed. Some of the fake casino sites may come with domain names that are closely related to renowned casinos. Below are some steps you would take towards ensuring that you are on the right casino domain.

  • Carefully check the domain name. Fake casinos may come with hyphens and dashes in their names.
  • Check for online reviews for the casino from different user forums
  • Use online tools such as whois.com to check if domains are registered to legit users.

You can then browse the website carefully and look at essential pointers. For instance, although many scam websites may invest heavily in their setups, some don’t. An average scam artist may publish their websites hastily and thereby leaving out some very glaring mistakes. For this reason, you can decide to look for missing links or even blank pages. You may find "contact us" with dummy phone numbers. Indeed some may not have a support phone number at all.

Check the Company’s Age

Notably, many scam casinos do not last very long on the internet. Indeed, an average scam website lasts only for one year. In the first six months, the casino works tirelessly on aggressive marketing to attract customers. Such a casino may offer free spins on most games or even lots of bonuses as well. You may need to note that some scams are well choreographed to attract even the most cautious and experienced online players.

Checking a Casino’s Age

In the first few weeks, the website operates normally, just like any other casino. It processes withdrawals timely and communicates with players very efficiently. By so doing, the casinos win your trust and gain legitimacy in the hearts of their players. As time moves on, they may stop processing withdrawals and go on a looting spree. At this stage, most casinos are almost one year old and are almost exiting the market. Indeed, the domains are not renewed once they expire.

Licensing and Legal Information

A casino’s license should always be the first thing you look at when you visit their website. In some cases, casinos certification details are not noted down in bold screaming numbers and are thus easy to ignore. In the same regard, a legit online casino displays its licensing bodies and its license numbers. In fact, most of these casinos allow you to verify their numbers on the regulatory body’s website. Some major licensing bodies include:-

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Antigua and Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

Check Reviews Online

Another good way of determining if a casino can be trusted is by checking out for online reviews. It is important to note that some fake casinos may post false reviews as well. It is therefore wise to check for reviews on a number of forums. There are also websites including www.askgamblers.com that lists casinos and their legit statuses on the internet. With such reviews, you simply minimise the risks of landing for a quack website in the name of an online casino.

Summing it Up

iGaming is fun and has been a game-changer, more so for those players that do not like visiting the brick and mortar establishments. On the flip side, these casinos came with their own demerits as well. Top on the list is the presence of scam sites on the internet. Not only can you lose your funds easily with these fake casinos, but also risk fraud identity theft. Its, therefore, a good idea to always ensure that you check out casinos you visit carefully.

Last modified: 22 March 2021